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Share your Creativity

Love the concept and ideas - have a creative side you would like to share or explore - join and become a designer

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Penny's Message

You know - I never considered my self a creative- but Chalk Couture makes it so simple that I have found creativity I didn't know I had.

I have found that I not only like to create my own fabulous on trend decor but I like sharing with others - and have started to offer classes

Over the 10+ years I have been in direct sales I have learned many things and earned many rewards and incentives- but the most valuable is how to be true to who you are and how to do there business for yourself.  I enjoy being able to share that with others and to help designers find the unique business that they want to create for themselves without comparing to everyone else.


Next Steps...

I would love to share Chalk Couture with you - lets connect to find out how Chalk Couture can fit into your life